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Lakka 2.0 – Retro-Gaming

It’s has been a long time since I had time for some useful and useless stuff. So we (isticktoit) found some useless stuff on Heise open: A Linux Retro-Gaming distribution and thought about bringing some old stuff up to ‚waste‘ some hours.

4:3 on a FullHD TV and pixels

In this case I tried the new release of the Lakka distribution, which is mostly for Retro/Emulator-Gaming. It contains a lot of emulators from Atari up to PlayStation and Nintendo.


No Facebook messages/chats with mobile browser ? A detour … :-)

This week Facebook started to block the usage of Facebook messages/chats on mobile devices just with the browser – Facebook forces their „products“ (=customers) to use their messenger-App (with all the device-rights this app wants…).

A little detour allows to further use FB messages/chat with your mobile browser 🙂

Facebook forces users to use the messenger App


Porn….in ASCII Art

Powerusers do everything through the commandline: Editing text documents, managing files, even viewing web pages with lynx & co. But for watching porn one needs to exit the beloved terminal.

Not anymore! There is now a Shell script for watching ASCIIfied porn! And it even uses the official PornHub (and YouPorn and RedTube and Tube8) json-API!


Netflix ohne Silverlight unter Fedora Linux 19 (&20) – HTML5-Player

Netflix funktioniert unter Linux (Fedora 19 & 20) im HTML5-Modus tadellos – das Prinzip lässt sich auch unter Windows anwenden und schont den Akku gegenüber dem Silverlight-Player ! 5 Minuten Arbeit, die sich lohnen !

Das Prinzip:

  • Google Chrome Browser 37+ (aktuelle stable oder Beta/Developer-Release)
  • libnss3 installieren
  • User-Agent-Switcher Add-on für Chrome
  • Netflix-Settings ändern