First quick look on upcoming QGIS 3.0 (part 1)

The upcoming QGIS 3.0 ( is heavily under development and it was time to have a quick first glimpse on the recent developer-version (2.99-Master). QGIS 3.0 will be based on Qt5 and Python 3 – using the actual 2.99-Master was like „being at home“ with some nice new furniture…

  • „All-in-one“ data-sources manager

Adding data from different sources is now integrated in one data-sources dialog.

QGIS 3 add data
  • QGIS 3.0 seems to have an integrated user-manager (sessions)
QGIS 3.0 sessions
  • Create Shapefiles: Now with the option to have Z-values

  • A really nice integrated symbology feature: point-displacement and point-cluster
QGIS 3.0 symbology – cluster and displacement
  • Point-cluster

QGIS 3.0 point displacement
QGIS 3.0 point displacement expression
  • Multiple Map-Views in one project