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Raspberry Router


I built myself a UMTS router. An extravagant one. Out of scotch tape and parts I found in my apartment. Here’s how.

First of all: This is not your usual router. This thing was initially built out of necessity: I had (and still have) an unlimited/uncapped mobile data plan for my tablet, which is not capable of doing wifi tethering for my phone. So as a student (read: lazy and cheap) I did not want to leave the four walls I call home dormitory just to watch Youtube videos on my phone.


Porn….in ASCII Art

Powerusers do everything through the commandline: Editing text documents, managing files, even viewing web pages with lynx & co. But for watching porn one needs to exit the beloved terminal.

Not anymore! There is now a Shell script for watching ASCIIfied porn! And it even uses the official PornHub (and YouPorn and RedTube and Tube8) json-API!


Linux „awk“ & more

„awk“ ist ein sehr angenehmes Linux-tool zum Analysieren von Texten und Werten.

Ein kleiner Vorgeschmack:

awk -F "," '{print $6 " " $4 " " $2}' export_airports.csv | sort | awk '{sum+=$1;print $0} END {print "SUM: "sum}'

Dies liefert eine sortierte Liste mit den Werten aus dem GeoDatenFile von meinem Kollegen. Dort habe ich mir die Werte aus dem „.dbf“ File in eine „.CSV“ File gespeichert, um mit „awk“ angenehm diese zu analysieren. Weiterlesen